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Micro Hacks Lab Gives You 77 Grounded in Science, Backed by Psychology, Primed for Speed Micro Hacks to Dramatically Explode Your Traffic, Your Sales,
Your Emails, Your Conversions, and Your Business
9 Cash-Getting Masterclasses For All Stages of Business

Whether you still need to crack your first $1K month or pinning for a $1K week or even if you are beyond all that and now have your eyes set for a $1K day every day, there is a complete roadmap for you to follow.

77 Science-Backed By Psychology, Primed For Speed Micro Hacks

77 Micro Hacks at your fingertips
And just one of these hacks has the potential to add, save or make you an extra $1,000 a month, a week or even a day!

77 Deployment Plans (to use in your business or for your clients)

Don’t just learn the micro hacks but deploy them using our Deployment Plans for each Micro Hack that you can use to master the skill and even use it for your clients

Live Weekly Coaching To Keep You Moving Forward

And because you will always have questions about the hacks, the cash-getting strategies and the monetization tactics, we have live bullet coaching every week.

77 Monetization Blueprints (to use in your business or for your clients)

We give you a full Monetization Blueprint for each hack to use in your business AND for your clients.

Private Community to Grow & Monetize Together

And you don't have to do any of this alone, join a thriving community of others on the same path as you so you can grow & monetize together

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